Onride coaster video camera

Meet the next generation onride videosystems

Dynacam introduces an embedded and fully integrated onboard video camera for coasters and other fast moving attractions, filming single to multiple passengers that are positioned in front of the camera. The required magnitude of the scene and the working distance of the camera can be settled with the camera optics and the camera software parameters.

All our cameras are performed with an universal embedded camera platform, which is also applied in various other industrial applications and can be considered as proven technology. The cameras work fully autonomously on basis of batteries and without complex mechanical or electrical connections with the vehicle, which ensures easy and fast integration & service and avoids conflicts with dedicated machine standards and regulations. The intelligence in the camera is among others used to improve and optimize the image quality and anticipate on changing lighting conditions (i.e. direct sunlight or dark weather conditions). 

Typical rollercoaster

Specifications front video camera:
SensorXGA color sensor with global shutter
Quality optimization features Auto exposure and High Dynamic Range (HDR) sensor technology
Image processing hardware Processingboard for realtime image processing
Power supply Batterypack for 11 hours operation
Protection against dust, water and mechanical shocks & vibrations IP65/IP67 compliant and resistant to vibrations and high accelerations
Sound recording Noise cancelling microphone
User indication Integrated LED lighting and an optional speaker unit for user instructions
Triggering Optional, a RFID triggering device can be integrated.
Mount and connectors Mount and connectors to securely place the camera in the boat can be provided optionally.